606 Mountain Street, Carson City, NV

(775) 882-2333

Status: State Government Building


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The Mansion Bill was passed by the Nevada State Assembly in 1907 allowed a secure and permanent site to be found for the State Governor. Up until then the Governor and family had found whatever house they could either in or near Carson City.

Mrs TB Rickey sold the land the mansion stands on to the State for $10 ($320 in 2023) and Reno architect George A Ferris designed it in the Colonial Revival style.

The mansion was built between 1908 and 1909.

Acting Governor Denver S Dickerson (Nevada’s 11th Governor) and his family were the first to move in the mansion.

In 1967 to 1968 the mansion was renovated, redecorated and brought up to code.


Paranormal Activity

On the second floor – the private residence of the Governor and his family as well as guest rooms since 1909 – is haunted by a woman in a long white dress followed by a girl. They wander throughout the second floor in both the hallways and the rooms.

There are 2 theories as to who these ladies are: 1) they came with an antique grandfather clock that was given as to a present to a Governor; 2) they are former First Lady Una Dickerson and her daughter – the only child to be born in the mansion – June Dickerson.

The phantom footsteps of a male walking up the staircase to the second floor are also heard. This is thought to be the ghost of a servant unable to let go of their job even in the afterlife.

Doors in the parlor tend to open and close on their own and people have felt a cold unseen presence brush past them.

On the first-floor people standing before the antique fireplace mantle of the grandfather clock have felt a sudden cold breeze blow through them.