(Grevin Wax Museum)

Centre Eaton de Montreal, 5th Floor

705 Saint-Catherine Street West, Montreal, QC

Status: Wax Museum (Closed Permanently)


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Opened in 2013 this wax museum concentrated on Canadian – especially Quebecois – celebrities and history including Celine Dion and Justin Bieber. Opened by the same parent company this museum was similar to the flagship Musee Grevin Paris.

In September of 2021 – after 11 months of closure – this location was forced, due to lack of visitors, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic to close permanently. The closure was sudden and ended an iconic tourist destination in Montreal forever.

The wax statues were sold although a few were donated.


Paranormal Activity

It is interesting that Harry Houdini received the legendary punches that led to his death in the former Princess Theatre and yet he chooses this spot a few blocks west to haunt.

In October of 1926 Houdini came to Montreal to rest after breaking his ankle but was persuaded to do a show at the Princess Theatre. During an interview backstage a McGill University student – who tagged along with the interviewer - was curious about Houdini’s ability to take a punch and not be hurt. He punched Houdini repeatedly before Houdini could tighten his stomach muscles and did considerable damage.

Houdini would die in a few days on Halloween from a burst appendix.

While the wax museum was open staff would hear disembodied voices and phantom music coming from what was the main ballroom.