Corner of North Moores Hill Road and East Hunter Hill Road

Just outside of Kramer, IN

Status: Former Hotel, Former Old Age Home, Former Restaurant; Abandoned Ruins


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By Unknown author - Scan of a postcard, Public Domain, Link


This hotel and spa were built by Harry L Kramer in 1890; he also gave the nearby town his name.

In 1884 a Civil War Veteran discovered the healing powers of the spring. While he was trying to dam it up he drank the water and the rheumatism he was suffering from began to alleviate.

Several famous people did visit the hotel while it was running to take advantage of the healing mud baths that were offered. However, some of the most famous cannot be substantiated including Marilyn Monroe, Al Capone and the John Dillinger Gang.

A devastating fire was completely destroyed the hotel on February 29, 1920. The property would remain abandoned until 1960 when a smaller building (than the original hotel) was constructed and used as an old age home and later a restaurant which also burned down in 1968.

It is unclear whether anyone perished in either of these fires.

Another building – which still exists on the property – was built after the restaurant burned called the Mudlavia Lodge. It was operated until 1976 when it too burned.

Only one building remains on the grounds now as well as the ruins of others. The water is still bottled by the Perrier Group of America and marketed under a variety of names.


Paranormal Activity

Feelings of unease and what has been described as an eeriness. Feelings of being watched and of not being alone.

Light anomalies have been seen and photographed both on the grounds and (more commonly) in the buildings. Faint disembodied whispers have also been heard.