15401 County Road R, Maribel, wi

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Status: Former Hotel; Ruins; Natural Wonder

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By Joshua Mayer - <a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href=""></a>, CC BY-SA 2.0Link


Built in 1900 “Hotel Hell” earned it’s nickname due to an urban legend that an evil witch preformed a ceremony here that tore open a hole in reality and released a group of evil spirits (demons, dark entities whatever name you prefer) that terrorized the nearby town until a white witch sealed the tear and confined the evil spirits to the motel grounds.

Another urban legend concerns Al Capone actually owning the building - which as been proved as false - but it is quite possible the motel was used for storage for his bootlegging business.

The hotel did burn once sometime in the 1920′s but not twice in one night as another urban legend says. As with other urban legends the ones here seem to have a grain of truth in them but how much to believe is up to each individual person. What may be true is that the hotel burned again on the same date in the 1930’s and numerous guests were killed.

There is also a legend about a psychopath killing a number of guests staying at the hotel at some point in its history.

What can be confirmed is that in the early to mid-20th century this motel was a resort in which guests enjoyed the beauty and fresh spring water from the caves behind the building that extend underneath the building.

One theory for energy for a haunting is water running underneath a structure and that is certainly true in the case of this paranormally active location.

In 2013 a severe thunderstorm and tornado tore through this park destroying many of the trees and severely damaging what was left of the old motel.

The remains of the hotel are on private property and – because of the dangerous and unsafe conditions – the owner has requested no one enter the property.


Paranormal Activity

The former hotel is said to shine in the non-light of a new moon.

The third floor isn't accessible due to holes in the stairway – and may no longer exist - but reports from that floor are of cold hands touching and pushing you.

If you shine a flashlight at the second floor something will flash a light back at you (of course that sounds suspiciously like a reflection). Apparently, blood stains could be found on the floors of the motel while it still standing. The apparition of a little girl is frequently seen on the second floor.

Feelings of unease and threat in the basement. Screams come out of the basement as well a ringing bell can be heard and the sounds of wheels being turned. There is a smell like sewer gas in the bathrooms.

Moans and screams can be heard from the caves below the hotel. The apparition of a white carriage pulled by horses has been seen outside the motel. The sounds of horse’s hooves can be heard in the remains of the old stables.

In the caves behind the building laughing has been heard coming from the cave mouths. The apparition of a little girl in a black dress with no shoes on has been seen in the caves area. Only one cave door is still open as it was knocked open by a rock slide.

Witnesses say they have seen flames burning in the old well on the property giving more credence to the legend there is an open gateway to Hell.