1 Lake View Street, kenosee lake, sk

(306) 577-2226

Status: Former Dance Hall, Restaurant and Bar; Completely Destroyed by Fire


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This building was built in the 1960’s by Ethel and Archibald Grandison to provide a dance hall for teens in the resort town. The current owner actually spent his teenage summers at the dancehall.

When Archibald passed away Ethel sold the building and then Dale Orsted – the current owner – bought the building converting the main level into a steakhouse restaurant and the second floor into a cabaret in the 1990’s. This is also when the reports of paranormal activity began.

On September 11, 2021 the Moosehead Inn was completely destroyed by a fast moving fire. This was shortly after opening back up again after a 22 month closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is apparently a financial effort to rebuild and reopen the business. The owner can be contacted via the above website (website no longer exists) if you would like help a piece of Eastern Saskatchewan’s history.


Paranormal Activity

There was so much banging in the building Orsted called the police more than once thinking someone was trying to break in.

Objects not only move on their own but have a habit of disappearing; usually small things like ashtrays and glasses.

When the second story was being renovated deafeningly loud crashes were heard at night – they were so loud the noise was likened to a car accident. It was thought a large metal desk was rising up on its own and crashing into the floor.

Large amounts of electrical disturbances have been reported such as the lights going on and off on their own and the dishwasher starting on its own.

All the doors in the building have suddenly opened and closed in front of multiple witnesses on more than one occasion. The stall doors in the women’s washroom also frequently open and slam on their own.

Disembodied voices and moans have been heard in the building.

A medium has identified 3 ghosts in the building: a former cleaning lady, a young man who drowned and an older man who is thought to be Archibald Grandison.

It is unclear thus far how the fire and building’s destruction has affected the haunting.