(Medfield Insane Asylum)

45 Hospital Road (original address)

1 Stonegate Drive (current address)

Status: Former Psychiatric Complex, Formerly Abandoned, Some Buildings Demolished, Parklands, Remaining Building are Not Accessible

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This facility was established in 1892 and was the State’s first institution that followed the Cottage Plan with multiple separate buildings for staff and patients.

In 1914 it was officially re-named as Medfield State Hospital. At its height the campus consisted of 58 buildings over 1.4 square miles. 2,200 patients could be housed and treated and the hospital generated its own power and had a large farm onsite.

Unlike the majority of its contemporaries there are no horror stories from Medfield. With the history of treating mental illness being what it is many patients would have been treated in ways we would consider inhumane in the 21st century but no tales of overcrowding, assaults, medical experiments or patients in restraints for months at a time.

In April of 2003 the hospital was shut down and the buildings closed up. Almost immediately the town of Medfield purchased the property and opened it up as a park. The grounds are open from dawn to dusk – entering the property at night is trespassing – but the buildings cannot be entered.

A few of the buildings have been demolished but the majority of them are still standing. This location is often used for filming so, at times, part of the campus will be closed off for this. Shutter Island was filmed here as was The New Mutants.

The Medfield State Hospital Cemetery is on site and accessible when the park is open. Patients were interned there from 1918 to 1988; it contains 841 gravesites.


Paranormal Activity

There are numerous reports of paranormal activity at this location dating back to when the hospital was still operating.

Apparitions of former patients and staff have been seen walking the grounds, in the cemetery and looking out of the unbricked windows and doors of the buildings. Movement has been seen in buildings which are locked up with no one in them.

Feelings of unease, not being alone, not being wanted and being followed. Empathic feelings of fear, loneliness, misery and manic. Disembodied voices and other unexplainable sounds including crying, laughing, loud bangs and footsteps have been heard.

Doors and windows opening and closing on their own. Touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences. Objects moving on their own and other poltergeist activity.

Light anomalies, electrical disturbances, cold spots and mysterious mists.