300 North Lakeshore Boulevard, Marquette, MI

(906) 226-2006

Status: Historic Active Lighthouse



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Congress approved funds to build the original lighthouse here in 1850 to aid the ships coming in to load up on ore. The lighthouse was first lit in 1852 but it quickly suffered from the elements and began to fall apart.

In 1865 funds were approved for a new light and in 1875 the Army Corps of Engineers built a breakwater; the new lighthouse was built on the southern end of it.

In 1889 a storm completely destroyed the original light.

In July of 1899 the replacement lighthouse was electrified.

Staffing the lighthouse was very problematic with numerous keepers either leaving or being dismissed until the US Coast Guard took over operations in the early 20th century.

During World War II the grounds were used as training grounds with up to 300 recruits living on the grounds. The Coast Guard Station that was built on site at this time is still active.

In 2002 a 30 year lease was given to the Marquette Maritime Museum who give public tours of the lighthouse seasonally.

In 2016 the Coast Guard transferred the deed to the City of Marquette.


Paranormal Activity

The lighthouse is haunted by a little girl in turn of century of clothing. No one knows her identity, but she is far more likely to show herself to women or children.

She is most often visible in the top window of the lighthouse staring out over the waters of Lake Superior. She is only seen when the lake is calm and the weather is nice. She is never seen when the winter storms come in.

Many surmise she was a lighthouse keeper’s daughter who fell on the rocks and succumbed to her injuries.

Others say she drowned in a shipwreck during a storm; hence not appearing in storms. Still others say she can hear the eternal cries of her parents’ souls in the storms.