392 Main Street, Thomaston, ME

Status: Former Prison; Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished

This article concerns the former and original State Prison in Thomaston; not the new one in Warren.

The new prison has had some reports of limited paranormal activity but it is generally believed to be due to materials from the Thomaston site were used constructing the Warren site. Paranormal activity there is usually in or near the Industries Building.


The prison was built in 1824. Originally the prisoners were kept in underground cells only accessible through an opening in the gate above the cell. The majority of prisoners died from tuberculosis before completing their sentences.

In 1923 the first prison burned to the ground resulting in multiple prisoner deaths. Two new cellblocks were built with cells for holding prisoners at night in solitary confinement to replace the old prison.

In 1935 all female prisoners were moved to a Women’s Prison in Skowhegan.

In February of 2002 all prisoners and prison facilities were moved to the new modern prison in Warren. The old prison was completely demolished and razed to the ground in the summer of 2002. Only a field remains were the prison once stood.


Paranormal Activity

While the prison was operational, guards would often see the prisoners in the yard when every prisoner was in their cells and accounted for. They also reported feeling both uneasy and like they were being watched when alone. Creepily, these are also the exact reports given by guards at the new prison.

In the field where the old prison once stood people have reported apparitions of former inmates and staff; usually identified as ghosts by either disappearing suddenly, being partially see through and/or being dressed in obviously out-dated clothes.

Other Activity: disembodied voices and whispers; phantom sounds of metal doors clanging shut; light anomalies; touches, tugs and pulls from unseen entities and feelings of unease and being watched.