Trail head off of Turnpike Drive, Camden, ME

Status: Natural Wonder; Site of a Fatal Accident


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This cliff provides a impressive view as it towers 800 feet over Megunticook Lake.

On May 6, 1862 Elenora French, with 2 members of her family and friends, hiked to the top of this cliff. Elenora had just gotten a pretty new pink bonnet and was proudly wearing it on this excursion. Unfortunately, the wind caught her hat and pulled it from her head. She chased the hat and ended up falling the 300 feet off of the cliff.

This is the most often quoted story, however, Elenora's sister gave an interview after the accident saying that Elenora was playing around and was last seen sitting near the edge of the cliff. Elenora was 12 years when this tragic accident happened.

Remarkably she survived the fall and broke none of her bones; she did suffer from terrible internal injuries. Her family took her back home but nothing could be done and she passed away in her home at 12:30am. There is a large white cross (that has been replaced many times by volunteers) and a plaque on the top of the cliff commemorating her death.

There is also an urban legend that says a heart broken woman threw herself from the cliff – this is not true.


Paranormal Activity

The phantom image of her pink hat has been seen still floating in the winds. There are also stories of her hat being seen floating in the ocean - one problem the cliff does not overlook the ocean and is too far from the lake for it to be seen floating there. More than likely the apparition of the hat – if there’s any truth to it at all – is seen floating on the lake.

Her disembodied screams have also been heard as she fell from the cliff edge.