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Status: Former School, Former Prison, Former Residence, Heritage Property

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Before anything else this location was a school and one founded to provide an institute of higher learning. The original wooden building was opened in 1847 and then in 1859 the brick structure we see today was built.

Just before the Civil War the school was housing and boarding up to 150 students at a time. As the 19th century wound to an end and Public Education became more and more available the school’s population began to dwindle.

Although this building was never formally used as a seminary it got its name from having a large number of graduating students becoming priests.

In 1891 the Ohio Women’s Relief Corps bought the property and added a new wing. They converted the building into a home for nurses, mothers and sisters of men killed in the Civil War who left with no other home.

By 1904 the Women’s Relief Corps could no longer afford to keep the house going so they donated it to the State of Ohio. The State kept it up for veterans and their families until 1962 when it was transferred to the Ohio Dept of Mental Hygiene and Corrections – it basically became a criminal psychiatric hospital/jail.

The widows living in the house were put out to their families or State run nursing homes if they didn’t have families. Pretty it up all you want but, in truth, they were forced out of the only home they knew.

The stories from the time the building was ran as a criminal asylum are nightmarish to say the least. The treatments for mental illness at that time were inhumane by our standards – hydro-shock therapy, insulin shock therapy and electroshock therapy.

That’s putting aside the stories of rape, murder and forced abortions. Although with the truly criminally insane were women locked for doing nothing more than speaking up for themselves or irritating their masochistic husbands.

Thankfully that travesty ended in 1975 when the County bought the building and shut it all down.

In 1993 the building passed into private ownership and was bought in 2015 by Adam Kimmell who is bringing the building back to its original glory with the help of volunteers.

Adam can be contacted via the phone number or the Facebook Page above to book paranormal investigations. He investigated the site previous to purchasing it and is fully aware of the haunting.


Paranormal Activity

It is said this location never disappoints. You are virtually guaranteed to see, feel or hear some level of paranormal activity on even your first visit. Skeptics are encouraged.

Virtually any and all levels of paranormal activity have been recorded here. Full bodied apparitions, shadow figures, cold and warm spots, touches, prods and pulls by unseen entities – some people have been assaulted by ghosts resulting in scratches or bruises, disembodied voices, all manner of unexplainable sounds from loud bangs to scratching to screams and laughter.

Feelings of not being alone, not being wanted and being followed. The feeling of being watched is said to be especially intense like you’re being stared at from every direction. Objects will move on their own including doors open and closing. There have been extreme electrical disturbances such as new batteries draining to 0 in a matter of seconds.

They ghosts tend to be cooperative with the living – responding to questions and directions.