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This hotel was first announced by the then Circus Circus Enterprises – now Mandalay Resort Group – in 1991. Ground was broken April 12, 1992 and the hotel opened October 15, 1993 – at 4am - at a cost of $375 million.

The hotel is the third largest pyramid in the world.

When it opened it was the tallest building on the Strip but only held this title for 11 days when Treasure Island took the honors. It contained 2,526 rooms and a 100,000 square foot (9,300 square meter) casino.

The atrium of the hotel is the largest in the world.

In 1996 a $240 million expansion was added including the IMAX theater. In 1998 a $675 million expansion was added which included the two towers with another 2,000 rooms.

In 2007 the new owners – MGM Resorts International – announced a complete renovation of the hotel. Most of the Egyptian themes were removed and the hotel was converted from a family resort to more adult themes including night clubs and a topless revue called Fantasy.


Paranormal Activity

The Luxor is considered the most haunted location on the entire Las Vegas Strip. Many believe the hotel is cursed; perhaps for offending the ancient Gods of Egypt.

Although the true numbers have been buried by all the hotels and motels in City of Sin, the sheer number of suicides in this city are staggering. From lost souls taking one last chance to save their miserable lives to the fortunes lost only one thing remains true in Vegas – the House always wins.

The Luxor is said to have an above average number of suicides, murders and unexplained deaths within its doors. Although this is a highly dubious claim – especially with these numbers being swept under the carpet whenever possible – the hotel certainly has more than its fair share of paranormal activity.

Reports of paranormal activity in the original pyramid far outweigh – in numbers and intensity – any reports in the newer towers.

The so-called Luxor Blonde, who haunts more than one room, seems to take an extreme dislike to anyone in what she considers her beds. There are numerous reports of guests waking up feeling hands wrapped their neck preventing them from breathing. The reports have one other thing in common; most guests report they were woken from a dream of a blonde woman unknown to them.

Even guests who don’t dream of the blonde with an interest in strangulation have woken up feeling like they are fighting to breathe, or having intense pressure on their chest. Others with no history of heart issues have felt sharp chest pains. There are also reports of people waking up bathed in their sweat filled with a dread and anxiety they can’t explain.

Every morning at 8:30 there is an unexplained metallic noise in Room 30018.

It is said 7 construction workers fell to their deaths during the building of the pyramid. The apparitions of these men have been reported late at night in the hallways of the quiet hotel. They were frequently seen in the tunnels of the Nile River Boat ride that was built around the hotel when it first opened.

The ghost of a woman who jumped from the 26th floor in 1996 is seen and is blamed for the poltergeist activity on that floor.

The hotel is, allegedly, built over a site that was it used by the mob – when they used to control Las Vegas – for disappearing the bodies of those who had displeased them. This location being used as an unmarked cemetery was, apparently, common knowledge at the time and ignored by the builders. So, the hotel is not only shaped as, and modeled after, a tomb it may actually be built over the resting place of numerous bodies.

The hotel has a long-term RMS Titanic exhibition including an actual piece of the ship. Employees have reported seeing misty apparitions of Titanic passengers after the exhibit closes. Many people have also reported an eerie feeling here as well as being watched by unseen eyes.

Other Activity: hotel room doors being pounded on when there is no one in the hall; shadow figures that dart across your peripheral vision but can never be fully seen; apparitions of those whose life ended in the hotel whether by accident or their own hand; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences; doors opening closing their own; electrical disturbances; objects moving on their own; light anomalies; disembodied voices and other unexplained sounds and feelings of being watched, not being wanted and being watched.