110 Main Street SW, Las Lunas

Status: Former Residence; Former Restaurant; Closed


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In 1692 Domingo de Luna was granted land by the King of Spain where Los Lunas is now. A few years later Don Pedro Otero arrived in the area also being granted land by the King of Spain.

The two families began to work together buying up the surrounding land and eventually functioning as a single family through intermarriage.

By the latter part of the 19th century the 2 families controlled the area.

In 1880 the Santa Fe railway wanted to bring the railroad to the town. Only one problem, they needed to go right through the de Luna family homestead.

Antonio Jose Luna – the last name had been shortened – agreed with one condition. The Railway would have to build a new Luna homestead to the family’s specifications; the railway agreed.

Unfortunately, Jose died in 1891 the year the house was built. His eldest son, Tranquilino, took over the empire and moved his family into the new completed colonial mansion.

Tranquilino passed away in 1892 and the house was passed to his brother Solomon.

By 1920 the mansion had passed to Solomon’s nephew, Eduardo Otero, with the business. It was Eduardo’s wife, Josephita, who would make a number of renovations to the mansion including a solarium and the ironwork that now surrounds the property.

There were several different owners until the house was renovated into a fine dining restaurant.

It was then left abandoned and boarded up until the current owners took over. They reopened the mansion as a fine dining restaurant.

The Covid pandemic put an end to the mansion’s latest reincarnation. As the owners put it their fine dining business plan didn’t fit very well with take out and delivery.

The building went up for sale in June of 2020 and seems to  be still for sale as of early 2023.


Paranormal Activity

The mansion is haunted by Josephita Otero. She poured her entire life into the mansion and has continued to do so after her death.

Josephita is considered a friendly ghost but she didn’t make an appearance until the first renovation into a restaurant. One could be persuaded to believe that she was not fond of the changes being made to her home.

She appears in 1920’s attire and is generally described as seeming just as real as you and I. Her apparition is most often seen on the second floor where 2 bedrooms once existed, at the top of the stairs leading the second floor bar and in a store room located in the attic.

At the top of the stairs, she is frequently seen rocking in a rocking chair situated there. If approached she will rise from the chair and vanish completely.

It is said she walks the stairs between the second and first floor so frequently that employees got so used to her she was just considered another staff member.

A groundskeeper named Cruz is frequently seen on the main level. Also dressed in noticeably out of date clothing he often seen on a couch as if he is waiting to be served. He is a known practical joker on both staff and customers; he is also known as being particularly fond of both women and children.