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Status: Man-Made Freshwater Pond; State Park; Murder Site



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This pond was originally built on St Georges Creek to be used as a source of freshwater for the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in the 19th century. The canal connected the Delaware River with Chesapeake Bay.

At 200 acres (81 hectares) this pond is the largest in all of Delaware; it was used for power both for the locks and a grist mill.

In the mid-20th century ownership of the area was transferred to the State.

The area had been used as a recreation area since the 19th century, so Delaware opened it as a as a State Park in 1963.

The park is named after John Lum who ran to grist mill that was once on this site.

Although swimming is not allowed in the pond both boating and fishing is.

The area is also used for hiking, cross country skiing and camping.


Paranormal Activity

The most common report of paranormal activity is that of a teenage girl’s muffled screams and pleas for mercy. They are heard both day and night; most frequently by people on Lums Pond’s Swamp Trail.

This said to be from 1870 when a young girl ran away from home and sought shelter in the forests around the pond.

Unfortunately, she ran into a man who beat her, raped her and murdered her. The murderer was never caught. This crime cannot be verified in historical records but reports of phantom cries do date back to the 1870’s.

The apparitions of John Lum and his son – who worked the mill with him – are still seen wandering the grounds. The sounds of the non-existent grist mill and it’s water wheel are also clearly heard. People following the phantom sounds eventually make their way to site of the former mill; but there is nothing there now.

The park is said to have been between two of the stops on the Underground Railroad that once took slaves to freedom but not everyone escaped. The apparitions of slaves as well as disembodied voices and other unexplained sounds are heard in the park. This activity is said to be the slaves who died attempting to escape.