(Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore)(Hilton Baltimore & Towers)

20 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD

(410) 539-8400

Status: Operational Historic Hotel



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This 22 story hotel was built in 1928. After the redevelopment of the city’s downtown core; the hotel is very close to a number of tourist attractions.

The hotel was closed down in 1982 for major renovations. It then went through a bankruptcy and numerous owners before reopening in 2014 as an independent hotel.


Paranormal Activity

The most paranormally active areas are said to be the penthouse, the 19th floor and the basement. There are at least 20 documented suicides of people jumping off the hotel roof; the majority of them in the 1930’s

The most well known resident ghosts are a little girl and her parents which the hotel says date back to the 1930’s. It is said both the parents and the girl jumped from the top of the hotel.

The parents are often seen in the ballroom dancing but they have been known to appear in people’s rooms as well.

The little girl – Molly - is most often seen on the 19th floor hallway playing with her red ball. There have been numerous calls to the front desk for someone to find the girl’s parents and stop her from playing in the hall so guests can sleep.

Molly, as well, has a history of chasing both staff and guests. A number of staff have quit because of this.

Molly has also been seen crunched into a ball rocking back and forth and screaming.

There is said to be the hand print of a little girl in the penthouse that will not go away. This may be Molly’s as well.

People have been touched by unseen presences both in the lobby and on the elevators. One of the elevators goes to the 19th floor on its own and opens its doors.

Other Activity: objects moving on their own; objects disappearing; electrical disturbances including TVs turning on or off on their own; cold spots and feelings of being watched and not being alone.