(Mercy Hospital)

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3525 Bienville Street, New Orleans, LA

Status: Former Hospital; Disaster and Mass Fatality Site; Abandoned; For Sale


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In 1920 Mercy Hospital was founded in New Orleans.

In 1990 the name was changed to Mercy Baptist Medical Center in 1990 after merging with Southern Baptist Hospital.

At some point before 2005 the name was changed again to Lindy Boggs Medical Center; named after the first woman from Louisiana to be elected to the House of Representatives.

It was a state of the art acute care center with 187 beds performing the highest level operations like organ transplants.

In other words, this facility was just a normal hospital in a large metropolitan area.

That is until August of 2005.

When Hurricane Katrina made landfall it was quite weak and really didn’t effect the hospital’s operations. The hospital was nearly at full capacity at the time.

Then Katrina became a Category 5 and the levees broke. The hospital’s basement was flooded and the generators overwhelmed causing a total loss of power.

The doctors could no longer perform surgeries – some of which were needed to save lives – and nurses had to work patient’s ventilators by hand. All communication with the outside world ceased to work.

19 patients died in the first night.

Soon the food and medicine started to fall below the minimum levels. The people in the surrounding neighborhoods starting swimming to the hospital after their homes were flooded out. Quickly there were over 500 people sheltering in the hospital lobby.

Without any method of communication outside of the hospital they had no idea how hard the city had been hit and when, or if, help was coming.

Two days after the hurricane 1,500 – of which 300 were patients - were stranded at the hospital. The heat had reached levels over 100 degrees and it was decided they had to save themselves.

Some boats had become trapped in the parking garage across the street and a few people bravely swam across and hot wired them. It was decided to evacuate the families and children first.

On that same day the fire department made it to the hospital and quickly labeled it as a mass casualty site.

In total 45 people died at Lindy Boggs that never should have.

The building was abandoned after the hurricane and soon became covered in graffiti and filled with squatters. A fire started by a squatter almost burnt the entire building down.

In 2015 the Catholic Church made an effort to repurpose and save part of building by opening up a nursing center.

The city finally got on the ball in 2017 when they pumped out all the stagnant water in the basement that had been sitting there since the hurricane. They also removed the asbestos and hazardous waste from the building.

Numerous developers have owned the building with grand dreams of repurposing it by they all sold it again eventually. The latest ones were trying to convert it into senior’s apartments but we were able to get money from the Federal Government to help them.

At last report – 2023 - the hospital was for sale again.


Paranormal Activity

The disaster has most definitely left a mark on this location.

An aura of hopelessness and fear is said to hang over the entire building.

Apparitions of doctors and nurses frantically running around trying to solve a hundred problems at once are seen.

Many people have seen obviously dying patients in their beds reaching and crying for help. The sounds of heart monitors beeping are also heard.

The phantom sounds of crying, screaming and coughing are heard in empty rooms.

Imprints of families crying and mourning the loss of their loved ones is reported.

Phantom footsteps are often heard following investigators down the empty hallways.

One investigator says he was chased out of the hospital by a dark entity but they are the only one who has reported any dark energy in the building.

Other reported activity: time slips; disembodied voices; touches, pokes and pulls by unseen entities; large light anomalies and the feeling of not being alone and being watched.