500 Marion Avenue, Hartsville, SC

Status: Former Residential Complex that has been Demolished; Historical Cemetery


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According to legend this housing complex was built on top of a cemetery. What can be confirmed is that there is a historic cemetery beside the site of the former complex. The complex stood abandoned for some 17 years falling into ruin and disrepair and attracting unpleasant people committing illegal activities.

At this same time the cemetery had fallen into disrepair where the graves have fallen in on themselves to the point where the ground has sunk and gone soft. There were also holes in the ground in this area that drop to undetermined depths. According to witnesses the cemetery was being used a dumping ground when residents were living in Lincoln Village. Previous to the clean up to this part of town anyone was advised to get a Police escort if wanting to do an investigation.

Many plans fell through for the redevelopment of the area but finally in 2017 the city got the money for it. The abandoned complex was torn down completely. Efforts continued to clean up the cemetery but were never enough until 2018 when, again, the city came through.

The historic cemetery has graves dating back to the American Revolution and is the final resting place of many famous African Americans from the area. It is now completely rejuvenated and contained within a fenced in area.

Paranormal Activity

The list below is activity reported during the time when the housing unit was occupied and in the period of abandonment before the complex was torn down. It is unclear whether or not the rejuvenation of the area has changed the level of paranormal activity.

Sounds of babies crying, sounds of people crying for help, screams, light anomalies and feeling of being watched and followed.

Although I have never been to this location it is worth noting that doing research on it left me with chills and a general feeling of unease which considering the number of locations I have researched, leading to immunity from such feelings, is not normal. In my opinion and intuition there is a lot more to this location than has been posted thus far on the net. Again, whether the changes made in the last few years has yet to be determined.