1665 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL

(773) 665-1110

Status: Former Homeless Shelter; Former Residences; Scene of Multiple Murders; Bar and Nightclub


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Legend says 3 people were murdered here and that they were all murdered in the exact same corner on the second floor. As with all legends – especially the urban ones – there are some truths to this but it is not completely the truth.

The axe murder in 1958 can neither be confirmed or denied. There is no historical proof nor any newspaper articles proving it did not happen; but no proof it didn’t either. This is said to have happened in the so-called “haunted corner”.

In 1955 a resident of the building was shot and nearly killed but he was outside of another bar at the time.

In 1968 there was a homeless shelter operating in the building and 2 men John Parlea (70) and Samuel Castell Jr (27) got into a fight over who owned a pair of pants. The fight got violent and Castell beat Parlea severely with a pop bottle and threw him out of a second story window resulting in his death. It is unclear but this may have happened in the “haunted corner”.

The final murder was in 1986 and can be verified. However, it took place in a third floor bedroom – not even on the same floor as the other verifiable murder. Frank Hansen owned the bar on the main floor with his wife, Julia. He was rather small statured and she was a large woman who teased her husband about his size. One night they had an argument over money and she physically assaulted him; he responded by getting an axe and chopping her up. Julia’s remains were left in the apartment for 6 days before Frank called the police.

Julia was found to be pregnant at the time of her murder.

The Liar’s Club has owned the building since 1995.

In 2010 a man got into a bar fight in the buildings and did have his throat slit but he survived the assault.


Paranormal Activity

The “haunted corner” is said to have powerful negative energy turning people’s thoughts to violence and bloodshed.

The ghost of Julia has been seen a number of times in the bar – most frequently by staff and friends when the bar isn’t open. Its possible she appears when the bar is open but is mistaken for just another patron.

Julia is also seen in the bathroom on the second floor. One woman saw a woman in the bathroom crying and excused herself. When no one came out after 15 minutes she went back in to find the bathroom completely empty. Julia is also seen in the former bedroom where she was murdered.

The apparition of a man is seen on the stairs and thought to be John Parlea.

At least one person has reported having their arm pulled on by an unseen entity. Other people have reported having their hair pulled by something unseen.

There is one report of an attempted possession by something very unpleasant in the 3rd floor bedroom.

People have been suddenly overcome with waves of fear and anxiety that they had to leave the building.