Western End of County Road 5000, Sycamore, KS

Status: Former Industrial Site; Abandoned; Ruins; Urban Legend


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In 1905 the United Kansas Portland Cement Company bought 1,500 acres (607 hectares) of land in order to build a factory.

A company town for employees called Le Hunt – named after Leigh Hunt the President of the engineering firm that built the factory – was also built. By 1906 there were over 1,000 people living in Le Hunt.

The town included a church, a company store, a school, and even medical facilities where care was provided by the company with fees deducted from your pay of course.

The majority of the workers were immigrants who had come to America with next to nothing and were living in tents before the company built the town.

In 1908 this site and 3 other cement factories were consolidated in an attempt to lower operational costs.

The factory suffered a number of financial issues resulting in multiple owners. By the Great Depression in the 1930’s it was owned by the United States Steel Corporation and finally closed. Anything worth money was sold off and moved including many houses in the town.

Other versions say both the factory and town were abandoned in 1918.

Today only the cemetery and some foundations remain of the town.

The cement factory’s smokestack still rises above the trees; although, based on photos, its in such bad shape it won’t for much longer. The surrounding woods are filled with deteriorating cement walls and the shells of former factory buildings.


Paranormal Activity

In 1905 a man by the name of Bohr (Boars) was working on the 15 foot walls in the factory construction when he fell into the wall while the cement was being poured. Knowing there was nothing they could do his coworkers buried his wheelbarrow, shovel and pickaxe in the wall with him – the handles of the wheelbarrow as well as the blade of his shovel are sticking out of the wall and can still be seen today – and his engraved name as Boars is also on the wall.

Today, people claim to hear muffled screaming as he drowned in the wet cement. More rarely Bohr’s blurry apparition is seen near the wall that became his grave.

On October 30, 1997 19 year old Keayon Hadley lured Brian Durnil – who had just moved to the area – onto the grounds where he shot Durnil multiple times before beating him with a baseball bat. Durnil was found alive but died before an ambulance could get to the site.

Hadley seems to have committed the crime to impress 2 teenage girls – his attorney tried to unsuccessfully pin the murder on the girls calling them the Satanists – and was ultimately convicted of second degree murder.

People report hearing the crime being played out with phantom screams, yells, gunshots and other sounds of the beating. Evil seems to have left a stain on the etheric.

Other Activity: shadow figures; light anomalies and feelings of being watched and not being alone.