35 Washington Street, Lambertville, NJ

Status: Former High School; Completely Demolished: Urban Legend


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Built in 1854 it was the first high school for the city’s school district. A fire almost completely destroyed the building in 1926 and it is said that a number of students perished in the blaze. Factual evidence of fatalities in the fire is hard to get due to the length of time that has passed. The school was completely rebuilt/remodeled and opened again in 1927.

The fire in 1926 is denied by the local government and no historical proof can be found that it actually happened. Its very possible this is just an urban legend.

The last class would graduate from the school in June of 1959 as it suffered the fate of many country schools as the government consolidated school districts and built bigger more modern schools. For a while after the school closed an electronics store called Taurus Electronics ran out of the building but it eventually closed.

The school sat abandoned and generally intact before someone set fire to it in 1992 heavily damaging the inside and the roof. At that point the building became structurally unsound as the walls began to collapse.

When the building still existed Lambertville Police were called numerous times and some drug and alcohol related charges were laid. The building became very unsound and there were numerous worries that would collapse on its own perhaps resulting in injuries to trespassers.

In 2012, in one day, the building was completely demolished. There is nothing at the site now but a lawn and a forest.


Paranormal Activity

The legend of Buckeye

When the school was still operating there was a championship football game between New Hope (a rival school) and Lambertville on Lambertville’s field. A New Hope offensive player was tackled and had his neck broken killing him instantly. New Hope then killed their football program citing the sport as too dangerous and it is said to this day, they do not have a football program. New Hope’s now defunct team was called the Buckeyes and the player is said to haunt the now deserted football field.

Other Activity

The apparitions of children (rumored to be those who burned in the fire) have been seen in the school and looking out of the broken windows when the building was standing.

Phantom sounds of footsteps, breathing and laughter were heard in the building and are now heard on the grounds. Mysterious lights and mists were reported inside the school.

Extreme cold spots (as in seeing your breath in mid-summer) have been reported. Phantom screams and growls (described as a rattle right in your ear) coming from the third floor – when it was standing -  which was mostly overgrown with missing floors.