813 Congress Street, Houston, TX

(713) 229-9399

Status: Houston’s Longest Standing Building; Historic Bar



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Built in 1847 by a real estate developer this building is believed to be both the oldest bar and the oldest commercial building still in use in Houston.

It has been used as a bakery, a drug store, a hair salon and as a Pony Express Station as well as a bar.

Due to it’s age its nearly been shut down repeatedly by the city but has always managed to make changes allowing it to stay open. Currently, the second floor cannot be used by the public due to fire code issues. It is currently undergoing renovations.


Paranormal Activity

Some websites say the bar is haunted by a former bartender and a former manager has been seen looking out of the window. This may be the same person whose name is Carl.

What isn’t up for debate is whether it is haunted or not.

Reported activity includes: apparitions; objects moving on their own; wine glasses suddenly shattering; the juke box playing music on it’s own; the 100 year old cash register opens on it’s own; furniture moving upstairs when that floor is deserted; cold spots; unexplained mists; a disembodied voice calling out “last call” and feelings of being watched.

There is also a “lady in white” haunting the building say to be a former lady of the nighpollllllllllllllllllll;t who is known for pushing attractive women when they’re on the stairs.