1422 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Vicksburg, MS

Status: Former Hospital, Formerly Abandoned; Completely Demolished


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This hospital – first known as the Vicksburg City Hospital – was founded in 1832 after an outbreak of Smallpox.

The hospital quickly grew to treat both physical and mental health issues. During the Civil War it housed wounded soldiers; especially during the siege of Vicksburg. Soon after the war a pandemic of Yellow Fever put the hospital to work gain.

With little options many of the State’s criminally insane were sent to the hospital where they were housed with the mentally ill. In 1901 a new wing was built to provide a residence for aging Confederate soldiers. In 1918 the hospital caught fire although there is no record of any fatalities related to the fire.

In 1956 the hospital’s name was changed to the Vicksburg Charity Hospital and put under control of the State; records are unclear the transfer of ownership of the State could have happened much earlier. 

In 1959 the name was changed to the Kuhn Memorial when Mr Kuhn left enough in his will for the hospital to build the large rear wing.

In 1989 the hospital shut and locked its doors when the State cut off funding.

The immediate plan for the campus was to create a veteran’s home but that plan fell through for financial reasons. Next it was decided it was to be an adolescent psychiatric hospital – then an assisted living facility – neither of these plans came to any fruition.

In 2000 it was donated to a homeless campus for a city close by.

In June of 2015 a group of ghost hunters found the body of Sharon Wilson and reported it to the police. It was quickly discovered that 2 local men had raped and murdered the 69-year-old woman and they were easily caught. In karmic justice one of the men – who had escaped prison – was shot and killed while trying to breaking into another home.

This incident became a focal point in the plan to demolish the hospital which was on hold due to the costs of remediating all asbestos on site. In 2018 the city provided the money to take care of the demolishment of the campus.

In February of 2019 the demolishment began and now only the water tower remains.


Paranormal Activity

A famous EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) was captured here of a little girl saying “want ti come and play me?” Also, the word Help was written backwards in the embalming room in dust by an unseen presence.

Other Activity: apparitions of former patients and staff; disembodied voices; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and feelings of not being alone and being watched.