(Kyalami Hospital)(Transvaal Provincial Hospital)

Corner of Elgin Road and Miervreter Street, Kempton Park, SA

Status: Former Hospital; Abandoned; Government Property


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Built in 1978 this hospital was once a state of art facility in Kempton Park; a suburb of Johannesburg.

It was suddenly closed the day after Christmas in 1996 leaving behind millions of rands worth of equipment. There had been an announcement previous to this that the hospital would close down briefly due to staff shortages but it would not be closed permanently.

People who have explored the site have say everything was left behind – that the operating theatres could still be used – including all the equipment, beds and everything in a modern hospital in the mid-1990’s.

Equipment that is desperately needed in other hospitals.

At the time the hospital closed there were other grimmer and more personal discoveries found inside it’s walls including: blood spattered sheets, preserved human organs, medical waste and confidential patient files.

Curious, to say the least.

So why?

The official story is lack of staff but even that excuse is given very half-heartedly. Plans were even made to reopen the hospital in 2015. Studies costing large amounts of money were completed that found the hospital was intact and that it could be used again. But it never opened – again, with no real explanation.

There is also another story – which seems to have real merit – about a doctor who was practicing as a pediatrician with only a grade 8 education. This led to a number of fatalities in infants and many stories of disabilities that could have been healed or were specifically caused by the fraudulent doctor.

The doctor was charged in criminal court and had many civil lawsuits brought against him. However, this was never given as the reason for closing the hospital much less why it never reopened.

If true, such a disturbing story not being used and when the flimsy excuses that are being used are so see through it begs the question what is the true behind the closure? And why does the government want the building demolished so badly? 

Today the building seems to be being used for things like airsoft play wargames and urban exploration – paranormal investigations as well – but is also said to be heavily patrolled by security so it is unclear if any of these activities are sanctioned.

Newspaper articles in 2022 indicate the government is looking to demolish the hospital now despite the studies saying its suitable for reopening. One study says it was built to stand for 100 years and 2078 is a long way off.

Obviously, it would need an extensive renovation but that seems cheaper that demolishing an intact structurally sound building.


Paranormal Activity

Activity reported in the hospital: the apparition of a man who only appears as a dark figure; apparitions of deceased patients; phantom sounds of babies crying; shadow figures; disembodied voices and whispers; unexplained sounds like taps and loud bangs; electrical disturbances; light anomalies; cold spots; doors opening and closing on their own; touches, pokes and prods by unseen entities; unexplained mists and feelings of not being alone and being watched.