330 East Main Street, Aspen, CO

(970) 920-1000

Status: Historical Hotel



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This historic building is owned by Auberge Resorts and is considered the crown jewel of Aspen.

This hotel was built by Jerome Wheeler (one of the original owners of Macy's) in the 1880's. He wanted to create a grand European hotel for Aspen and to this day it has the only above ground ballroom in the city. It was one of the first buildings to have full electrical lighting west of the Mississippi River.

It was the only family owned hotel to remain open in the early 20th Century when the town of Aspen almost went broke during the tourism quiet years. After World War II it regained its splendor and was the official party place for such Hollywood superstars as John Wayne and Gary Cooper.

In 1985 a group of investors bought the hotel for 12.8 million of today's adjusted dollars and did a completely restoration valued at approximately 50 million dollars to restore the hotel to its former grandeur.


Paranormal Activity

The building was used as a temporary morgue, although it is unclear as to why, and this is said to have been one of the reasons that caused the hauntings.

The third floor is said to be the most haunted with many employees refusing to work there.

The "water boy" is encountered in Room 310 and in the hallways around that room.

In 1936 a 10 year old boy and his family stayed in this room which overlooks the pool. Tragically, the boy drowned in the pool and his apparition is now seen shivering and, in a towel, wandering the area. He has never spoken to anyone living.

Harry O'Callister and Kate Kerrigan also haunt the hotel. He became suddenly rich after finding a very large silver nugget in the area and moved to Aspen. While there Harry met Kate, a Boston heiress, and they decided to marry. Her father would have none of it and refused them permission.

Harry stayed in the hotel and died brokenhearted and broke. His apparition is seen wandering the hotel still sobbing at night.

Kate worked at the hotel as a maid but was treated terribly by the other staff for being a poor little rich girl. One day another maid told her that her little kitten had fallen through the ice on a pond and Kate rushed out to save its life; in truth her kitten was safe in her room. Kate fell through the ice and got pneumonia and died.

Her apparition is said to be very pretty and she is known for helping the maids to this day making beds for them. It says a lot for her character that she still helps the housekeeping staff after she was treated so poorly by the former staff in life.

Other activity: disembodied voices and touches; sinks filling on their own; heat turning on on its own; apparitions; light anomalies; feelings of being watched and unease and phantom footsteps.