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Rose Hall Road

Montego Bay

(876) 953-2323

Status: Former Residence, Heritage Property, Museum


Rose Hall Jamaica Photo D Ramey Logan.jpg

By Photograph by D Ramey Logan, CC BY-SA 3.0Link


Built in the 1770′s this house is still considered the most impressive of all the Great Houses on the island.

The legend of the haunting comes from Annie Palmer - the White Witch Of Rose Hall. She is said to have been born in Haiti and to be a practitioner of the art of Voodoo (although other records say she was born in France). Either way she married the owner of Rose Hall and became the mistress of the plantation. The story says she was cruel mistress inflicting harsh punishments (including executions) and torture of the slaves.

She even took slaves to bed with her and it is rumored that she murdered them after the act.

Rose Hall is now a museum and event centre.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of Annie Palmer is seen galloping through the fields in a green velvet dress atop a black stallion; it is said she tries to whip anyone she comes across.

She makes her presence known in the house with hurried steps echoing in the main hall at the rear entrance.

Phantom footsteps are also heard going down to the basement where Annie is said to have kept her dungeon. In the basement itself there are disembodied voices as well the cries of babies Annie is said to have had killed.

There is also the phantom sound of music as if a formal ball is still going on. Objects disappear and reappear again.

Blood stains have appeared on newly refinished floors. There is an old mirror that was recovered from the original mansion when it was refinished and people have appeared in this mirror in photos when no one was in the room except the photographer.

As an interesting final note while the mansion was abandoned for 200 years there was almost no vandalism. Fear of Annie’s ghost kept people away almost as if she were still alive.