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Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Former Psychiatric Hospital; Former Nursing Home


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This sanatorium was the first and only tuberculosis sanatorium in the State of Indiana.

In 1907 with the tuberculosis pandemic – what many called the ‘White Plague’ – showing no signs of abating the State began looking for a site to build a sanatorium. Tuberculosis was highly communicable with a high mortality rate. Before antibiotics were discovered the only thing that could be done for the sufferers was isolation and fresh air.

Some medical practices 21st century medicine would consider almost inhumane were also tried on the severe cases; like surgery to remove ribs and lung tissue.

Indiana decided the sanatorium would be built 3 miles east of Rockville and in 1911 the site was completed and began admitting patients.

In the 1950’s, with the discovery of antibiotics, the number of tuberculosis patients began a steady decline.

The sanatorium was closed down in 1968 and the site left abandoned for a number of years.

It was then re-opened in 1976 as the Lee Bryant Healthcare Center. This nursing home and psychiatric facility took care of mentally and physically disabled seniors.

By the 2000’s the facility was facing several lawsuits and under investigation by the State for reports of abuse, negligence and losing patients.

In 2009 one employee shot another employee in the maintenance building and then shot themselves. The police labeled it a drug related murder-suicide.

Over the next 2 years all patients were transferred out of Bryant Healthcare and the doors were locked. They left everything behind and until nature began it’s slow reclamation of the area it looked as if the next shift might be coming in any second.

The site remained deserted for 10 years until Gregg Larson bought it in December of 2021 and converted it into a paranormal investigation, urban exploration and photography premier location.

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Paranormal Activity

Reported Activity: apparitions of former patients, apparitions of former staff, shadow people, being touched, tugged and pushed by unseen forces, feelings of unease, intense sadness, fear, being watched, wanting to leave, not being wanted and not being alone, phantom smells, mysterious mists including some moving against the wind, cold spots, warm spots, unexplained sounds including – voices, laughter, foot steps, screams, weeping, something being dragged and banging, time slips, dimensional shifts, unexplained light phenomena, sudden movement in the peripheral vision, doors and windows opening and closing on their own, objects moving on their own, objects disappearing and reappearing, unexplained winds and breezes etc.