601 W Main Street, Carbondale, IL

Carbondale, Illinois 62901

Status: Former Residence, Murder Site, Bed & Breakfast, Commercial Business?


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This house was originally built in 1907 but what is of concern to the haunting is that it was the scene of a double murder on December 12, 1928 at about 11:45pm.

At that time, it was the home of the former mayor JC Hundley and his wife, Luella. Mr Hundley was shot at close range by a small caliber pistol in the back of his head while he lay in bed. There is a theory that his killer was hiding behind the headboard of the bed.

Mrs Hundley was then murdered either while attempting to flee or while running to the aid of her husband. Her body was found at the base of the back stairway shot once in the head and once in the heart. To this day a bullet hole remains in the back stairway.

The police brought in Mr Hundley's son, from a previous marriage, Victor who lived right next door. He was later released for lack of evidence and the crimes remained unsolved to this day.

At least until a year ago, this home was operated as a bed & breakfast. Its status is unclear now. Google identifies it as a glass cutting business but all the reviews are for the bed and breakfast. There is no phone number or website to verify what the building is being used for.


Paranormal Activity

There are reports of phantom screams echoing from the house; especially around the time of the murders each night.

Phantom footsteps and disembodied voices are also heard. Doors open and close on their own and electrical disturbances are also reported.

This location also has one very curious level of paranormal activity - if red roses are placed in one particular room they will die very quickly.