311 East Congress Street, Tucson, AZ

(520) 622-8848

Status: Historical Hotel



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Built in either 1918 or 1919 depending on your source although your first clue to the truth is that the hotel was named through the contest in Arizona Daily Star newspaper in April of 1918.

The hotel is famous for being the place where John Dillinger was captured. Dillinger was then transferred to a jail in Indiana from which he escaped from before being shot to death in Chicago.

The Dillinger gang was staying on the third floor under alias after committing a series of a bank robberies. On January 22, 1934 a fire broke out in the basement which quickly spread to the third floor where the gang was staying. Upon the gang’s request the firemen retrieved their luggage and found out their real names.

The current owners – who purchased the hotel in 1985 – have created what they label as a “rock n roll hotel” and are very clear your stay will be loud and no refunds are given for noise although earplugs are available at the front desk.


Paranormal Activity

The hotel is very open and accepting about their haunting and paranormal. In fact, the best information source for the haunting is on the hotel’s own website.

This hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted in America. Legend says it is most active at 2am which has had more than one guest running from their room.

The ghosts are said to be very solid here and often mistaken for real people until they do something rather ghost like such as wink out of existence.

Time slips are very common here with many guests say when they look out of their room windows they see old Tucson with scenes like horse and carriages and steam locomotives.

 Room 220

Known as Vince’s Room. Vince lived and worked at the hotel for many years before passing away in 2001. Every day Vince would go downstairs and get a coffee, bagel and a butter knife; once he was done, he would leave his dirty dishes outside his door.

Ever since he passed away the housekeeping staff have found butter knives outside of this room and all around the property.

Room 242

This room is haunted by a classic “Woman in White”. Many guests have been woken up by her ghost in a long white gown sitting on the foot of her bed. It is said her energy is so strong people get chills just walking by the room door.

Room 214

A man in a seersucker suit is often seen standing in this window when the room is completely empty. His ghost is also seen walking the hallways.

An apparition of a man in a top hat is known for peeking around the corner at the office staff.

The ghost of maid is seen forever cleaning rooms; although there is no record of her ever being an employee.

The ghosts of 2 children are seen playing around the hotel but only when no living children are around.

A woman in a black dress – who is said to smell of roses – is often seen around the reception staircase.

Other Reported Activity: disembodied voices; strong feelings of unease; unexplained noises in the halls which cease the instant you open your room door; physical symptoms including nausea and dizziness and intense feelings of being watched by something unseen.