939 West 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK

(907) 276-6000

Status: Historical Hotel; Seasonal City Ghost Tours Included This Location



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This hotel, which opened in 1965, was named after Captain James Cook who was the first person to map Alaska’s coastline.

The hotel was part of a pledge to rebuild downtown Anchorage after the devastating earthquake in 1964 that leveled the core. A second tower was opened in 1972 and a third in 1978.

The hotel has 18 floors with 546 rooms and 96 suites and has been serving Anchorage’s tourists for over 50 years.


Paranormal Activity

Although there are a few stories of ghosts and paranormal activity in the hotel – including a disembodied hand that tries hold hands with the living – only 1 ghost truly stands out.

It is unclear whether this remains true or not today, but at some point, one of the stalls (the last one on the left) in the women’s lobby bathroom was permanently locked. This would seem to be related to a number of paranormal incidents related to this room.

Details are not available but, apparently, a woman took her own life in this washroom in the early 1970’s. Her ghost is now a “lady in white”.

The ghost is a young woman in her 20’s who appears to be very stressed.

The lights are known to flicker wildly on and off in the bathroom. The faucets in the sinks turn off and on as well. The stall doors are reported to bang open and closed – sometimes violently – on their own.

It has been reported that Hotel Managers have had to enter the bathroom and ask the ghost to calm down after customers have a particularly disturbing encounter with the “lady in white”.