(Williamson Memorial Hospital)

728 Mullberry Street, Williamson, WV

(304) 953-0987

Status: Former Hospital; Tourist Attraction


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This hospital was opened on March 3, 1928 to replace the first hospital – which was located downtown – after it was destroyed by fire in 1926. It was built by selling bonds to the businesses of Williamson; all money was paid back by 1939.

Originally the Emergency, Radiology/Labs and Cafeteria – ER was later moved to the 1st floor – were located in the basement; ICU was on the 1st floor; obstetrics on the 2nd floor; surgical on the 3rd floor and the pharmacy on the 4th floor.

In 1979 the facility was sold to Hospital Managements Associations and remained open until 1988 when it was replaced by a more modern facility.

Until 2014 the building was then used as a doctor’s offices and after that as medical storage.

In 2018 – 19 the hospital was opened during the Halloween season for paranormal tours.

In 2020 the hospital was bought – underwent a restoration - and opened in 2021 for year round paranormal investigations and tours as well as historical and photographic tours.


Paranormal Activity

While the hospital was still open a woman came in thinking she was about to give birth. A nurse came into her room and told her she wouldn’t be having a baby today and she could go home. While she was getting ready to leave another nurse entered her room and asked her what she was doing.

The only problem was the second nurse was the only nurse on that floor that day.

Another nurse was seen still working after dying in the old hospital by employees who knew her well.

In 1962 Mose Blackburn murdered a Williamson police officer while in an argument with his wife in a public place. Mose was also shot and he was taken to the hospital where he then leapt from a second story window – possibly trying to kill himself – and would die from his injuries weeks later in the hospital. From that point on people have seen an apparition and sensing someone in the room he died in.

A worker – when the hospital was being restored – saw the apparition of a nurse on the 4th floor when he was working alone. He refused to work on that floor ever again.

The apparition of a nurse is also seen in the basement; she often crosses the end of the hallway between 2 x-ray rooms. An EVP has also been captured in the basement saying, “help me.”

Also, in one of the x-ray rooms a man – who is not happy with any visitors – has been contacted by a medium. This room is also known for making some people physically ill and for draining batteries quickly.

Numerous people in the town below have seen lights on in the hospital when it was completely empty. Smoke has also been seen coming from the chimney on the top of the building as well as people and shadow figures in the windows; all while the building was confirmed empty.

The police have been called to the building multiple times by people seeing someone in the building only to find all the entrances remaining sealed.

The elevator – the oldest still operating in the County – will sometimes stop at floors that were pressed which is not possible with the way it is wired. It also seemingly picks floors which are not being used on tours so there is no reason no one would have pressed that floor button; and all the reason for them not to.

Apparitions – usually female – have been seen by staff on floors known to be empty and unused at the time. These are generally the same floors the elevators stop at; meaning the ones that are closed to the current tour going on.

Other reported activity: disembodied voices; cold spots; touches, pokes and prods by unseen entities; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched and not being alone.