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In 1900 the possibility of building of a dam in either Black Canyon or Boulder Canyon was beginning to be studied. The US Government wanted a dam to produce hydro-electric power, provide irrigation for farming and allow flood control.

In the 1928 Congress authorized the project and put it up for bidding. A consortium called Six Companies Inc won the bidding and began work on the dam in 1931. This was during the Great Depression and employed thousands of people.

During construction it was called the Hoover Dam in honor of President Herbet Hoover but when President Franklin D Roosevelt christened it in 1935 the name was changed to the Boulder Dam. In 1947 Congress brought back the original name.

On March 1, 1936 Six Companies turned the completed dam over the US Government – 2 years ahead of schedule despite very challenging working conditions. The dam created Lake Mead; the largest reservoir in the United States.

The dam provides hydro-electric power to Nevada, Arizona and California. It is also a popular tourist attraction with over one million people visiting it every year. US 93 used to run over the crest of the dam until a bridge was built in 2010 on the Hoover Dam Bypass.


Paranormal Activity

The building of the dam cost 112 lives and that doesn’t count those that died of illness or those taken away after an injury and succumbing to their wounds. Rumor has it a number of workers fell into the concrete as it was being poured and are suspended in the dam for eternity.

The dam has also been used by those looking to end their lives. Over 100 people have jumped to their deaths from the dam. Now that the dam is not as easily accessible people have taken to jumping off the bridge on the bypass.

These are thought to be the reasons for the majority of paranormal activity at the dam. Which includes:

Apparitions walking on the dam where the cars used to drive. This is especially apparent at night being as the dam is no longer accessible to the public at night.

Apparitions of people jumping off the dam; and now the bridge.

Cold spots in the hallways, lights flickering and other electrical disturbances and the sound of water dripping – not something you want to hear in a dam – but no leaks or other damage is detected.

Workers have reported having their tools go missing, malfunctions and equipment being tampered with. These three things tend to come in groups with all of them happening at the same time.

The dam is also linked to the Anti-Christ and the end of the world. There are those who believe when the dam collapses it will herald in the end of times.

On May 8, 2015 a giant goat was projected on the dam face. The reason given was that a German company was testing a driverless truck on the dam and the goat is the symbol of the Cologne football club. Of course, one of the many forms of Satan is that of a goat so many people believed the true reason was the honor the Anti-Christ and bring about the apocalypse.