(Maysville Hospital)

2-98 W 4th Street, Maysville, KY

(Corner of 4th St and Market St)

Status: Former Hospital; Heritage Building; Abandoned; Private Property


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In the 19th Century atop the hill where the hospital now stands was the Hayswood Seminary an all-girls school. In 1907 Mary Wilson bought the wooden building and donated it to the city for use as a hospital. The city named it Wilson Hospital.

In 1925 the old building was replaced with a 3-story brick one – a 4th story was added shortly thereafter. The hospital became the major medical institution for Mason County; and a large part of Ohio once a bridge was constructed in 1931.

In 1941 the US Navy even used the hospital to treat those suffering from psychological and emotional issues resulting from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

By the 1980’s the hospital was feeling its age and finding it hard to keep its medical equipment up to date. A nearby earthquake caused damage and there was no money for the non-profit hospital to repair the damage.

In 1981 the hospital was sold to Hospital Corporation of America but was finally permanently shut down in 1983. The medical services were taken over by a new clinic on the edge of town.

Many different owners tried to renovate the building into a residential structure but were defeated by the high financial cost of the conversion – especially the remediation of the asbestos – and they were forced to sell.

The building was up for sale again in June of 2021.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former staff and patients were reported even when the hospital was operational. One man waking after surgery saw 2 nurses watching him before they vanished before his eyes.

A shadowy apparition is seen standing at a third-floor window eternally watching. Glowing lights are also seen in the windows after dark in the abandoned building.

A woman who died while giving birth is seen forever wandering through the maternity ward holding her baby. The pain and hopelessness etched into her face.

Disembodied voices are heard as well as babies crying and phantom screams and moans of those who died in pain. Phantom footsteps have been heard approaching people but no one can be seen.

People report the feeling of being watched from the empty windows as well as in the building.