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Status: Historical Dangerous Road; Famous Haunted Woods


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History and Legends

The first settler in what is now Haynesville was in 1828 when what would become the State of Maine was a wild and woolly place.

Route 2A through the town was heavily used prior to Interstate 95 being built for hauling potatoes into the State from the south. For many years large numbers of tractor-trailers would travel this road day and night. Even today accidents are often still reported on this bend in the road.

The almost 90 degree just east of town is extremely hard to navigate; especially in the winter. Per a song by Dick Curless there’s a tombstone for every mile of this road with a trucker buried under it.

And its not just truckers who had died in fatal accidents on this stretch of road but numerous families, couples and single drivers have been killed in fatal accidents in their personal cars and trucks. Add to that the number of people struck and killed on the side of the road and you end up with one of Maine’s most haunted locations.

In 1967, two 10-year-old girls were struck and killed by a tractor trailer on the side of the road.

Then we have the legend of the Flesher Witch in these woods.

In the 19th century the Wilcox family settled in these woods. Their daughter, Annie, complained of something scratching on her bedroom window at night. Then Annie reported she was hearing whispers in her room, being nibbled all over her body and having her blankets pulled off her body. Annie could even identify her attacker – an old woman with face like melted wax.

Her parents either didn’t believe her or didn’t do enough to protect her. She finally attacked so severely her face was badly scratched; a month later she disappeared completely.

Her body was found by hunters next to the body of an old woman with a severe facial deformity – Annie’s face had been peeled off.

According to legend this was not the end of the family’s misery: Annie’s 2 brothers died in a swimming accident, her mother hung herself and her father – mad with grief – wandered into the forest and was never seen again.


Paranormal Activity

Legends and paranormal activity aside these are deep woods and it is highly recommended you do not wonder into them after dark unless you possess the skills to do so.

Many people believe this to be the most haunted location in Maine due to the level and different kinds of paranormal activity in such a small area.

The ghost seen most often is that of a woman in her 20’s who flags drivers down at night on the side of the highway. She is also known for just appearing in front of stopped cars in tears and begging for help.

She will often disappear when drivers slow down and/or walk or move toward her but if you’re really lucky she will stay solid and say she’s been in a terrible accident and her husband needs help. At some point before the accident site – which, of course, is somewhere in the past – is reached she will disappear.

Usually when she does suddenly disappear there is a chill in the air left behind.

Her ghost is said to from an actual accident in winter where a new bride survived a terrible car accident but her husband did not. She escaped from the car and went looking for help but died from exposure and cold before she could be rescued.

The ghost a little girl – possibly more than one little girl; though never more than one at a time – is also seen on the side of the road. The girl will get in your car most times if you stop and offer her a ride, in most cases, but will disappear right from the car very quickly.

In the woods themselves the apparition of a girl with a melted face is seen running through the trees.

When children and/or pets are lost in the woods the Flesher Witch is blamed although its unclear if the Witch is the old lady or the young girl at this point. Many people and animals are never seen again but many who do return are found with scratches.