Hawaii State Capitol Building

415 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, HI

(808) 587-0478

Status: Government Building; Mass Burial Site



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This building was opened on March 1969 replacing Iolani Palace as the home of Hawaii’s government.

Both the State Senate and Hawaii’s House of Representatives work and meet here. It also contains the offices of the Governor and Lt Governor of the State.

It is built on the site of a mass burial containing hundreds of remains of those killed in a measles epidemic in 1822.


Paranormal Activity

As well as being the site of a mass burial this location was also used by the King’s Guards, when Hawaii was a monarchy, as their barracks.

A worker died during the construction and a security guard died while doing his rounds on site.

The apparitions of both the construction worker and the guard are seen both in and around the building apparently still completing their respective duties long after death. One would hope these are residual hauntings and no one should be trapped in eternity working.

Queen Lili’uokalani – the last monarch (Queen Regent) of Hawaii – also haunts the building (as well as her former home nearby Iolani Palace) and has been seen in many photos taken on site. There is also a report of the daughter of a State Senator seeming to play ball with an invisible entity in the building. She would later identify the Queen by her statue as the nice Hawaiian lady who played with her.

The apparition of the Queen has also been seen walking near the building and – in one report – has been walking on the surface on the reflecting pond. There are reports of the Queen’s statue no longer being on it’s pedestal when her ghost is seen.

The apparition of a young boy is also seen both in the building and on the grounds. It is thought he is one of the victims of the measles mass grave below the building.

Other reported activity: cold spots; electrical disturbances and feelings of not being alone.