3801 Madison Avenue. Indianapolis, IN

Status: Former Residence; Heritage Property


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In 1858 Alexander Hannah returned from California having made his money in the gold rush. He purchased 300 acres (121 hectares) of farmland from his father and built the house on that land.

Alexander then got married and finally passed away in the house in 1895. The house was watched by a caretaker until 1899 when Roman Oehler bought it.

The house remains the property of the Oehler family to this day.


Paranormal Activity

While there is no historical proof confirming the story it is said the house was part of the Underground Railroad bringing escaped slaves into the north. The story also says on a cold winter’s night Hannah brought in some escaped slaves and housed them in the basement.

At some point in the night a lantern fell over and ignited the hay they were sleeping on. The slaves were killed and it being winter Hannah could not provide them with a proper burial. Instead, he buried them all beneath the floor of basement.

The apparitions of the slaves have been seen in the house’s basement. As well the smell of rotting flesh and the phantom sounds of the men crying and moaning as they died.

The phantom sounds of a baby crying is heard throughout the house and said to from a miscarried child that the Hannah’s covered up. The apparition of a young child is also seen throughout the house.

The apparition of Mr Hannah himself is occasionally in the house.