(Hager House)

110 Key Street, Hagersville, MD

(301) 739-8393

Status: Former Residence; Museum


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On June 5, 1739 Jonathan Hager – a German immigrant - purchased 200 acres of land in the Great Appalachian Valley. He not only built a house there but also founded the city that today still bears his name.

He named the house Hager’s Fancy and moved in with his new bride. The house would become part residence, part trading post and part frontier fort; in that day western Maryland was edge of the great wild frontier.

The house had – and still has – a very unique feature in that it was built over two spring fed pools giving it a constant source of fresh water as well as a regulated temperature. The water stays at 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 degrees Celsius) so the basement acts as a natural refrigerator.

Hager sold the house to Jacob Rohrer and it remained in that family – as well as the Hammond family who they married into - until 1944.

After the Civil War they rented it out to people and by the first half of the 20th century it had become a bit of a hovel and the only tenants being people hitting rock bottom with no plans on going back up.

In 1944 it was passed to the Washington County Historical Society who did a major restoration and gave it to the city of Hagerstown a decade later in 1954.

It was opened up in 1962 as a historic museum that depicts life as it was when Maryland was a British Colony.


Paranormal Activity

There are seasonal outside ghost tours and the telling of the house’s ghost stories by those who “lived” them.

The house is said to be home to at least 13 ghosts.

Since the museum opened both curators and tour guides have been telling stories of pranks being played on them and the tourists by the ghosts in the house.

Phantom footsteps and the sound of chains and heavy objects being dragged are heard in the basement.

There’s a corn cob doll in the house that is moved from room to room by the hands of the ghost children.

The apparition of a woman is seen looking out of the windows.

The nursery is said to especially active with a cradle and a rocking chair that move on their own; well, at least without any aid from the living.

Other Reported Activity: movement out of the corner of your eye; disembodied voices and whispers; light anomalies and a feeling of being watched.