(Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital)

301 University Avenue, Gooding, ID

(208) 283-1650

Status: Former School; Former Hospital; Operational Hotel



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First opened in 1920 as the Gooding College – the only higher education institute in the area. The school, unfortunately, closed down in 1938.

In the 1940’s the building was converted into tuberculosis sanatorium. Apparently, it was a very good hospital and the staff did their best with the patients. However, tuberculosis was untreatable, and often fatal before the advent of the correct antibiotics in the 1970’s. As with other similar hospitals the death rate would have been tragically very high.

The hospital closed down in 1976 and the building remained abandoned – largely gaining a reputation as the local haunted house - until 2004 when it opened as the Get Inn Bed & Breakfast.

The B&B embraced the haunted history of the former hospital allowing overnight investigations.

The B&B was closed down in 2012 and the current owners bought the building and kept it as a hotel. It is now called the Gooding University Inn focuses on giving guests the chance to sleep in a modernized but historical dormitory.

There is an old cemetery – deceased are identified by numbers - on site from the building’s time as a tuberculosis hospital.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of an elderly man in a white coat who may have been one of the doctors. The apparition of woman in the company of a little girl. Other apparitions of former patients and staff have been seen in the building and on the grounds; most commonly in the cemetery.

Disembodied voices most often heard as whispers. Phantom footsteps in the hallways are commonly heard.

Other Activity: feelings of not being alone, being watched and being followed, light anomalies, objects moving on their own.