(Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum)

Victoria Road. Gladesville, NSW

Status: Former Psychiatric Hospital


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Originally known as the Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum this sandstone building was opened in 1838 as the first specific site in Australia for helping those with mental and emotional health issues.

Although this institution started as many other asylums of the time – meaning rather like a prison – attempts were quickly made to correct this. In 1868 a new superintendent took over a created recreation programs, new healthy diets and removed the seclusion most patients were in. By 1879 conditions were much improved including the once common use of restraints stopped.

The hospital did have its darker days though. Male attendants were convicted of raping female patients, electro-shock therapy led to deaths and terrible burns as patients resisted it, overcrowding led to patient-on-patient violence and there were even staff deaths related to patient violence.

There is a mass grave under the remains of the hospital that conservatively holds 1,200 bodies of former patients.

In 1993 the hospital was paired with Macquarie Hospital and in 1997 all in-patient services ended at Gladesville. The hospital was left abandoned and it is now partially in ruins behind fences and covered in graffiti.


Paranormal Activity

Shadow figures have been seen standing in the empty windows and door frames of the old hospital.

People have reported whispers just low enough not to be understood have been heard coming from the site.

Other Activity: apparitions of former staff and patients; cold spots; electrical disturbances; light anomalies; disembodied voices; phantom screams, crying and laughter, an overwhelming feeling of dark energy and feelings of being watched.

Testimonial By Theresa

This was among one of my first investigations. It’s a really creepy place at night. We’ve walked through the park area where the ‘mass grave’ supposedly is. It’s got a horrible history