1046 G Avenue, Douglas, AZ

(520) 364-4481

Status: Heritage Haunted Hotel



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This hotel always was and is still the tallest building in Douglas.

Built in 1907, this historical hotel was named after the Gadsden Purchase; a portion of Mexico that the United States acquired for 10 million dollars in 1853 and is now part of southern New Mexico and Arizona.

The hotel opened in 1907 and quickly became “the meeting place” for the men who would shape the American west into what it is today.

On February 7, 1928 a fire burned the hotel nearly to the ground; only the marble staircase, marble columns and elevator car cabin survived. The hotel was rebuilt almost immediately with no expense spared as well as on an even grander scale than the original design.

The new hotel featured an electric elevator all the way to the 4th floor and even featured normally unheard of luxuries such as all 160 rooms being air cooled and having private bathrooms.

The unique and truly stunning lobby with stained glass and marble stairs and columns is famous worldwide.

Legend says Pancho Villa even rode his horse up the lobby stairs.


Paranormal Activity

The front desk is said to have 2 binders filled with reports of paranormal activity reported by guests that can read through if you ask.

The ghosts of the Gadsden are reported to be quite friendly – never threatening – and add to the charm of one of the classic hotels of the Old West.

Room 333 is said to be the most haunted with a virtually guaranteed paranormal experience should you choose to stay there. Reports include: the TV turning on and off on it’s own; knocks coming from inside the radiators and more phantom knocks coming from the walls. The toilet is also reported as running forever with no explanation.

In Room 114 a ghost will sit on the bed before lying down beside you. There’s even at least one story of the ghost pinning someone to the bed. A dark misty figure has also been seen in this room.

umerous ghosts have been seen in the seen in the basement – one reports indicates there’s practically one behind every column – including an apparition in a long duster coat and cowboy hat. I mean could you get any more classic Western than that?

Another ghost reported in the basement is that of a tall man in all black that has no head. Legend says this is Pancho Villa himself who is said to have buried treasure in the New Mexico mountains. Apparently, the only map to the treasure was on his head which was removed by his followers upon his death and buried beneath the ashes of the original hotel.

One report is that of hearing a key turning in the room’s door and 2 apparitions walking into the room before disappearing into thin air.

On the upper floors the sound of an Aboriginal child singing is heard late at night. Phantom footsteps are often heard from empty rooms above guests.

There are numerous reports of lights flickering in many rooms as well things “mysteriously” falling in the rooms; often in the middle of the night.

The misty apparition of a cowboy sitting on a couch in the lobby was photographed by a paranormal TV show.