French Fort Cove

King George Highway, Miramichi, NB

Status: Urban Legend; Municipal Park; Natural Wonder



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French Fort Cove is a Municipal all-season park with activities ranging from snow-shoeing to canoeing and kayaking and a zip line. It is also the location of a rather gruesome tale of hidden treasure and a legendary ghost.


Paranormal Activity

In the mid-18th Century this area was in dispute between the British and the Acadians (French). The French built a fort – hence the name of the park and cove – and wanted the Acadians to settle here to support their claim to the area.

A nun – Sister Marie – asked to be transferred from France to Canada to help the Acadians. Sister Marie was responsible for the fund set up for helping Acadian families dealing with illness, injury or hard times. To keep it safe she buried it.

One night while coming home from visiting an ill colonist Marie ran into some not so pious people who demanded she reveal the location of the buried money. Marie refused and in the disagreement that followed Marie lost her head – literally.

Her body was found and shipped back to France but her head was never found.

Marie is seen to this day by visitors to the park. Usually, she is still without her head – although sometimes she is carrying her head – and she is very clear about her desires though; she wants her head buried with her body.

Many people have followed her apparition hoping she will lead them to her buried treasure but no one has found it yet.

It has the makings of a perfect ghost story to be told around the campfire and many people think it holds about as much truth and campfire stories. However, I spent one very chilly winter afternoon and evening in the deep snow in the bush at the far end of this park.

While I did not see the apparition of a headless nun there’s definitely something or someone there. A disembodied female voice called out to me through the trees but I could never find out exactly where it was coming from. Frequent movements in the corner of my eyes but upon turning to focus there was nothing there. Could have been cold spots as well but I never would have felt them as the temperature was falling as rapidly as the sun.

I was very much not alone in those woods and definitely being watched.