276 Exchange Street South, St Paul, MN

Status: Former Residence; Former Restaurant; Permanently Closed


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This building was built as a residence in 1870 by Joesph Forepaugh. Unfortunately, the family suffered a number of tragedies shortly after moving in.

The restaurant that existed in this Victorian mansion became a casualty of today’s turbulent economics. They suffered further when their executive chef lost his life at a young age. The restaurant is now permanently closed making access to the building impossible at this point.


Paranormal Activity

Shortly after completing the house and moving his family in Joesph began an affair with a maid called Molly.  Joesph’s wife found out the affair but the damage was done – Molly was carrying Joesph’s child.

Molly – now a completely shamed woman – tied a noose around her neck and jumped out of a third story window ending her life.

Joesph shot himself in a nearby forest. It is unclear whether he was mourning Molly or his poor judgement that had destroyed so many people’s lives. Perhaps it was a combination of both.

Both Molly and Joesph now haunt the building but Molly is the more often seen and the most active.

Molly’s apparition was seen in the restaurant. She is especially of fond of appearing in front of new brides. It is thought that with her dreams of a wedding and happily ever after destroyed Molly prefers the company of those who’s dreams have come true.

Joseph is seen less often. He is dressed in period clothing of a gentleman usually walking through the restaurant. He also appears in photographs – usually sitting near a female guest.