(Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center)

kirkbride blvd, Fergus Falls, MN

Status: Former Insane Asylum; Partially Demolished; Partially Repurposed; Partially Abandoned


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Construction of this facility was begun in 1888 and it was opened in 1890 as a facility designed for 1,000 patients. During its heyday in the 1930′s it held between 1,800 and 2,100 patients and covered over 1,100 acres and included a working farm.

By the time it closed in 2005 the facility covered only 180 acres and has condensed into a 290 bed facility - only using 127 of them - leaving a mainly empty campus of 37 buildings.

In 2007 the State sold the campus to the city which opened it up for redevelopment plans.

There were plans to redevelop the buildings into a hotel and spa plus restaurants. Unfortunately, these plans fell under the weight of financial pressure.

In 2018 the city asked the State for funds to begin demolishing some of the buildings; which has begun. There are still hopes to save the main Kirkbride building as it is one of the last buildings of the Kirkbride design still standing.

In 2014 the former nurse’s dormitory was converted into apartments for artists.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former patients and staff; phantom bangs, screams, cries and footsteps and disembodied voices.

Doors open and close on their own and objects move on their own. Malfunctions in electronic equipment and lights turning on and off on their own.

Other activity: feeling of being watched and not wanted; light anomalies; shadow figures and a general feeling of unease.