(Hornibrook Mansion)

2120 South Louisiana Street, Little Rock, AR

(501) 374-7966

Status: Former Woman’s College; Formerly Abandoned; Former Residence; Bed & Breakfast



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In 1867 James Hornibrook and his wife Margaret moved to Little Rock from Toronto, Canada. James entered into a partnership with Miles Townsend in the liquor and saloon business and made quite a sizable fortune.

He wanted a home for his family befitting a man of his stature.

Hornibrook Mansion, as it was originally known, was completed in 1888.

Unfortunately, the Hornibrooks did not get to enjoy their beautiful Victorian home for very long. James died in 1890 from a stroke and Margaret followed in 1893.

The mansion was turned into Arkansas’s first woman’s college in 1897 and during the early 20th century it was converted back into a residence.

The home remained vacant through the 1930’s and most of the 40’s. In 1948 it was turned into a rooming house for women.

In the 1970’s it was converted into a nursing home and then into a bed and breakfast in 1993.

In 2019 the current owners, Antonio Figueroa and Keith Sandridge, bought the property and now operate the B&B.


Paranormal Activity

The ghost of a well dressed man who is often seen at the top of the staircase watching the guests. He is thought to be James Hornibrook who many believe died from something more nefarious than a simple stroke.

A maid dressed in pink is often seen in the rooms of the second story. When someone enters the room she will flee into a closet and disappear.

Another ghost is that of a man in an old fashioned sea captain’s uniform is seen throughout the house.

Other reported activity: disembodied voices including entire conversations being heard in empty rooms; phantom footsteps often following guests to their rooms; light anomalies and feelings of being watched.