181 Mountain Road, Basking Ridge, NJ

Status: Natural Wonder; Murder Site?; Suicide Site?; Definitely Cursed Site; Urban Legend


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By Daniel CaseCC BY-SA 3.0Link


This legendary tree sits alone in a field across from a housing development in Bernard Township in Sommerset County. Legends, rumors and stories all say this – admittedly rather creepy looking – tree is cursed.

As the plans to continue developing the area the Township decided not to cut down the tree – rather they have protected it. The bottom part of the trunk is now wrapped in chain-link and there is now a sign posting when the tree is open to the public – in an effort to keep vandals away from it during the darkness.


Paranormal Activity

There are a few legends around the tree and the paranormal activity around it. While none of them can be historically proven they can’t be historically disproved either.

So, watch what you say and do around this tree – better safe than sorry.

It is said that this area was once a headquarters for the Klu Klux Klan and that many African Americans were hung to death on this tree; including many escaped slaves.

Another legend says that a local farmer murdered his entire family before hanging himself in this tree. This legend says that should this tree ever be cut down the person doing so with quickly to a rather nasty and fatal end.

A further legend says anyone getting too close to the tree will be chased by a black truck. The truck disappears eventually and does no harm but, rather, seems like preternatural warning not to mess with the tree.

The tree is said to be supernaturally warm – along with a nearby boulder – and neither will have snow near them in winter.

Anyone who harms the tree – this has created a coming of age dare for local teenagers to urinate on the tree – is said to suffer directly from the curse. The offender will suffer anything from car accidents to financial or love losses to life issues to breakdowns. Again; better to be safe than sorry.

I have never been to this tree but was at a similar site where another person – not even me – was teasing a spirit at a cursed site and I was nearly involved in a potentially fatal car accident on my way home. Best not to mess with curses – after all everything is energy.

Finally, this tree is rumored to be one of the Portals directly to Hell itself.

While finishing up this location my Spotify began playing Runnin’ with the Devil by Van Halen. Things that make you say “hmmmm”