(Babinda Boulders)

1 Munro Street, Babinda, QL

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Status: Natural Pool; Legend


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Devil’s Pool is a very treacherous stretch of water where massive granite boulders fill Babinda Creek. It is a very popular tourist spot; it has also killed 20 people in last 50 years (19 verified) – mostly young men.

3 streams come together in this spot making it especially dangerous during the wet season. Although at no time is it ever safe to swim here.

On October 19, 2021 a Brisbane father became the pool’s 19th victim. Just 7 months earlier the pool took the life of young 18-year-old girl.

The Aboriginals call the pool the Washing Machine in reference to the deadly undercurrents.

The water is deep, very fast moving and filled with rocks beneath the surface. People have drowned by being sucked under while swimming, accidentally falling in and becoming wedged in the rock chutes.

Swimming is not advised here; especially if you are of the male persuasion.


Paranormal Activity

So why only men? I hear you ask. If its dangerous wouldn’t it be dangerous to both genders? Albeit men – especially young ones – do have a tendency to do more dumbass things especially in dangerous places.

Hold my beer dude and watch this.

Actually – according to Aboriginal legend – there is more to it that just testosterone filled stupidity. There is a spirit here and she has more than enough good reasons to not be fond of men.

The story says a beautiful girl named Oolana from the Yindinji Tribe was married off to an elder of the tribe. Soon afterwards a young and impressive man visited the tribe and Oolana fell head over heels. Unfortunately for everyone concerned the feelings were mutual and they began an adulterous affair.

They fled into the wilderness but were caught by the elders near Babinda’s Boulders. Oolana broke free and ran calling for her lover to follow her. He could not and she, tragically, fell into the pool ending her life.

The spirit of Oolana eternally haunts the Devil’s Pool taking her revenge on the gender who caused all the grief in her life. 17 of the 19 deaths have been male and according to legend there were many more male deaths previous to British colonization.

They say if you’re quiet and still you can still hear Oolana calling out to her lover to join her. Perhaps if he had this place would have called Angel’s Pool and been a place for young couples to fall in love.

Alas. . . If only