(Dinaburg Fortress)(Dvinsk Fortress)

Daugavas iela 38, Daugapils, LV

+371 65 424 043

Status: Historic Fortress; Former POW Camp, Former Military Academy; Partially Abandoned; Heritage Property


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Даугавпилсская крепость с высоты птичего полета — Daugavpils fortress bird's eye view — panoramio.jpg

By BirdsEyeLV, CC BY-SA 3.0Link


This fortress is the last bastion-type fortress – unaltered – in the world. It is 2 square miles in size and includes 10 streets and over 80 buildings. Unfortunately, while 2 buildings are being used as an art museum the future of site is unknown at this time.

The fortress was originally planned out in 1772 by Tsar Alexander I and construction began in 1810 with the rise of the Napoleonic threat. In 1812 it successfully repelled the attack by Napoleon’s Army.

The fortress was completed in 1813 but never saw action in a military conflict again.

Between 1920 and 1941 the Latvian Army was stationed here. This was during a brief period when Latvia was its own Country after being released by the Soviets when the Russian Empire fell and the invasion of Nazi Germany.

During World War II the Germans turned the site into a POW Camp for Soviet soldiers. After the war the Soviets – who absorbed Latvia when pushing the Nazis out of the area – turned the fortress into military academy until 1993.

With Latvia now a sovereign nation again ownership of the site has passed to their government.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of soldiers and civilians in dated clothing are often seen wondering the grounds and buildings or patrolling the walls.

Other Activity: shadow figures; disembodied voices; unexplained noises; light anomalies; cold spots; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched.