(Zelda Fitzgerald’s Abandoned Sanatorium)(Tioranda)

7 Craig House Lane, Beacon, NY

Status: Former High End Psychiatric Hospital; Abandoned; No Access to Buildings or Grounds


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This gothic house was first built in 1859 by the Civil War General Joseph Howland who called the house Tioranda. In 1915 Clarence Slocum, a Scottish doctor converted the house into the first privately licensed psychiatric hospital in the United States.

Dr Slocum created a treatment center more like a 5-star resort where the rich and famous could get therapy coupled with such pursuits as golfing, fine dining and art. Patient rooms were never locked and there were no bars on the windows.

Many famous people were treated here including Frances Seymour – the mother of Jane Fonda – who committed suicide there, Rosemary Kennedy – after her failed lobotomy, Marilyn Monroe and Zelda Fitzgerald for the whom the facility is most famous for treating.

Zelda suffered from schizophrenia – and possibly borderline personality disorder – and, unfortunately, could not be cured. Zelda was transferred to the Highland Hospital in North Carolina in a catatonic state where she burned to death in a fire being unable to escape from her locked room in 1948.

Frances Seymour wasn’t the only person to end in life inside the walls of Craig House; although she was the most famous. That combined with some questionable fires and patients staying for days rather than months led to the closure of the hospital in 1999.

Most of the furniture and such has since been sold but according to people who have been inside the building it is immaculate and looks almost as someone just left and will be back any minute.

The current owner is working on transforming the house and grounds into a high-end hotel and resort.

There is an abandoned church/school and hat factory also on the grounds.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former guests and staff. Hazy forms have been seen looking through the curtains to the outside world.

Feelings of being watched, not being alone and being followed. Intense empathic feelings of sadness, hopelessness and loneliness.

Disembodied voices and other unexplained noises including footsteps, crying and laughter.

Other activity: cold and warm spots; unexplained breezes; light anomalies and objects moving on their own such as doors opening and closing.