(Queen Alexandra Tuberculosis Sanatorium)(Beck Memorial Tuberculosis Sanitorium)

600 Sanatorium Road, london, on

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Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Some Buildings Demolished, Some Buildings Repurposed to Government Agency; Open 830am - 530 pm Monday to Friday



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This sanatorium was opened April 5, 1910 for the treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis. It was renamed the Beck Memorial Sanatorium in 1949.

As well as providing treatment for tuberculosis patients it was also heavily expanded in 1917-18 for the care of soldiers returning from the horror of the battlefields of World War I.

The tuberculosis sanatoriums in Canada downplayed the truly astounding death tolls from this disease unlike many of the like hospitals in the USA. Also, no attempt has been made to allow paranormal investigations in these former hospitals like Waverly Hills in Kentucky. I am providing this knowledge so you (the website user) are aware of both the history and potential for paranormal activity.

The sanatorium was closed on September 6, 1972 as tuberculosis had been cured by that time with the use of antibiotics. Most of the site has since been converted into the CPRI (Child and Parent Resource Institute).

CPRI is still running on site

There were uncountable reports of physical, mental and sexual abuse of developmentally, physically or mentally disabled children from the staff and other residents. While the Province denies any wrong doing they have settled out of court on a class action suit.


Paranormal Activity

Hot Spots: The area where the building that formerly occupied the southeast corner of property – basically just east of the swimming pool. The remains of the staircase down into the woods – follow the old sidewalk from where the building mentioned above used to be. The former surgery building is also very active.

The apparitions of former patients have been reported both within the buildings and on the former grounds. There are reports of doors and windows opening and closing on their own as well objects both disappearing and moving on their own.

Shadow figures have been spotted moving around the grounds. Also reported are feelings of unease, fear and being watched. Disembodied voices, cries and screams are heard as well as phantom footsteps.

Other activity: touches by unseen presences; empathic feelings of sadness, anger and loneliness; cold spots and unexplained winds; hot spots, light anomalies; electrical disturbances and mysterious mists.