32 Water Street, Mystic, CT

(860) 536-3555

Status: Former Historic Inn, Restaurant



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In 1754 Daniel Packer built this inn over 2 years to serve as a home for himself, his wife – Hanna - and their 7 children. When the American Revolution began Packer served earning his Captain’s Rank twice over.

Its even rumored that George Washington himself may have stayed here during his travels in the area. The Captain told his stories over a good meal and drink until 1825 entertaining his guests.

After the Captain passed the inn remained in the Packer family until well into the 20th century. Unfortunately, its condition then deteriorated to the point where tearing it down was considered.

In 1979 Richard and Lulu Kiley bought the inn and restored it back to its former condition and saving it from the wrecking ball.


Paranormal Activity

The inn fully embraces its haunted history and ghostly residents so feel free to ask questions of the staff.

The Inn’s most popular ghost is that of Ada Byron Clift. She was a 7 year girl who was related to the Packer family and lived here in the 19th century. Ada caught Scarlet Fever and passed away in her room.

Ada is most often seen on the staircase up to the second floor and in the washrooms. Her disembodied laughter is often heard and has been seen running through the rooms and waving from her former bedroom.

The apparition of a Sea Captain has also been witnessed and is rumored to be Daniel Packer himself.

Other Activity: phantom footsteps sounding like someone in heavy boots; glasses moving on their own and doors opening and closing on their own.