(Kennebunkport Captain’s Collection)(James Fairfield House)

6 Pleasant Street, Kennebunkport, ME


Status: Former Residence, Historical Hotel



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This elegant mansion was built in 1913 by James Fairfield for his bride Lois Walker.

Captain Fairfield - a ship captain - decided to become a privateer in the War of 1812. It was a decision made with very few other choices - the British blockade of the American east coast ended any hope of legal trade. Unfortunately, he was captured by the British and sent to the infamous Dartmoor Prison.

He survived his incarceration, as many did not, and returned home to his wife Lois after the war ended. They only had a few years together before the Captain died of pneumonia in 1820.

After his death Lois sold the house to a family friend and moved in with her brother and sister-in-law. She only lived another year before joining her husband in the hereafter.

In the 1980s the house was purchased and renovated into a bed and breakfast. It is now owned by Lark Hotels and described as a Boutique Hotel. It is considered a very romantic destination well suited for newlyweds and for anniversaries.

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Paranormal Activity

The Captain seems to be reluctant to leave the home he didn't get to spent enough time in. His apparition has been seen lurking in a dark corner of the basement.

His presence has also been felt by many guests while in their rooms.

He has been recognized from his one remaining portrait and is said to be same happy positive man he was in life.