BC Hydro Service Road, Anmore, BC

Indian Arm Shoreline

Only Accessible Via Water or Walking/Bike

Status: Decommissioned Hydro Electric Station


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Buntzen Powerhouse 1 was built at the end the 19th century to supply electricity to burgeoning city of Vancouver.  The powerhouse opened in 1903 after digging a 13,000 foot (3,962 metres) tunnel from Coquitlam Lake – straight through Eagle Mountain - to the station 400 feet lower.

A host of federal laws were utterly ignored, and a number of workers died during the construction.

It was the first hydro-electric station to power the Lower Mainland. Previously, the city’s electricity had been generated thermally by burning wood or coal.

When the demand for electricity grew far faster than anyone thought possible – yes, there was a time when electricity was thought to be just a fad – a new power station was constructed.

This new hydro electric station was originally called Buntzen Powerhouse 2; it is now on Google maps as Old BC Electric Building. It is possible to access it by foot or mountain bike but much easier by water as it lies at the bottom of a rather steep cliff.

Both buildings cannot entered – the remain the property of BC Hydro – but they can be visited.

Buntzen Powerplant 2 – the haunted one – is a three hour paddle by kayak from Deep Cove.

If you find the building and/or area strangely familiar that’s probably because it is. It served as Crystal Lake in Freddy vs Jason (2003) and the home of a monstrous man-eating crocodile in Lake Placid (1999). The building also served as the lair of IT in the original miniseries (1990).


Paranormal Activity

The old powerhouse is said to be haunted by both the workers who died building it and the tunnel as well as by the building’s architect; Francis Rattenbury. Rattenbury – who also designed the Empress Hotel and the BC Legislature Buildings in Victoria – was murdered by his girlfriend’s younger lover in England.

The most common report of paranormal activity is a feeling of uneasiness that surrounds the building and usually overcomes people as soon as it is in sight. It has given many people such intense chills they were unable to get close to it.

Unexplained mists have been reported as gathering around the buildings and barely visible figures have been seen moving through the fog.

Other Reported Activity: disembodied voices; unexplained noises such as scrapes and loud bangs from inside the building; light anomalies and feelings of being watched.